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Open Joint Stock Company Research Institute “IZOTERM” is one of the leading institutions in the field of development of specialized technological equipment for electronic, radio engineering and electro technical industries.
     Its major business lines are development, production and maintenance of prototypes and small series of the following equipment:
 — growing equipment;
—  equipment for nuclear power stations;
—  electrothermal equipment;
—  railway equipment;
—  medical equipment.
The chief aim of IZOTERM is development of scientific and technical production with IZOTERM label that meets requirements and expectations of the consumer - is announced in the quality management policy of  IZOTERM. The main mean of implementation the stated policy is functioning at the IZOTERM certificated quality management system ISO 9001:2000.
We have been stored our knowledge for 40 years, working with partners from many different industries. Our unique experience, decisions and services allow you to become more competitive in the market, to increase operating efficiency and business profitability.
IZOTERM offers industrial enterprises a wide range of services:
—    development and production of equipment for customer’s specifications;
—    warranty and post warranty service of supplied equipment;
—    hydroabrasive cutting of metal-roll, granite, ceramics and other materials.
We invite to cooperation all companies of any forms of ownership, business owners and investors!

Priority areas of production
 Single crystals growing equipment

to the growing silicon by the Czochralski method and  leucosapphire  bu the Kyropoulos, HDC methods
Установка  выращивания монокристаллов кремния "Изотерм-20"

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Equipment for nuclear power stations

intented for cleaning and processing of both liquid and solid radioactive waste


Electrothermal equipment

(oven conveyor, shaft, vacuum, etc.) for standard and special processes
Электропечь сопротивления конвейерная газонаполненная "Антарес"

Has developed and manufactured equipment upon the technical requirements of the customer
    On the 26-th of January the delegation of the State Corporation “ROSNANO” visited Bryansk with the inspection of Bryansk enterprises specialized in production of advanced technology products. Within the framework of the conference, concerning the development of nanotechnologies, the members of the delegation visited  IZOTERM.
    They were presented some projects, including the production of equipment for single crystal growing of leucosapphire weighting up to 100 kg, for diffuse processing of solar silicon wafers of large-sizes, for researching of processes of directional crystallization of materials of VI-VII groups of the periodical table and their compounds.
In the near future ROSNANO intends to send experts for more detailed examination of proposals of IZOTERM, ZAO “Gruppa Kremnij El” and other enterprises of Bryansk region.
The specialists of IZOTERM developed and produced the electron-beam unit of refractory metal refining, meant for electronic vacuum refinement of refractory metals, in particular, niobium, from aluminum impurities and etc. The unit successfully passed the tests and was delivered to the customer.

Certificate of Conformity of Quality Management System ROSS RU.3791.04OSH1 certifying quality management system requirements of GOST ISO 9001-2011 (ISO 9001: 2008)new
Certificate of Conformity of Quality Management System ROSS RU.3791.04ОШ1 certifying quality management system requirements of GOST ISO 9001-2011 (ISO 9001: 2008)
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