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History of IZOTERM development

    Special Design Bureau attached to Bryansk Enterprise of Technological Equipment was founded on the 3rd of January in 1966. The Bureau was organized for technical documentation development. In August of 1971 the Special Design Bureau was transformed to the Special Design Bureau of Engineering with its separate balance.
    The enthusiasm, the competitive spirit and the search for perfection by the team of Bureau made it possible to design, develop and manufacture the ion-beam implantation systems, high temperature vacuum furnaces and other serial products.
    On the 1st of January in 1990 the Special Design Bureau of Engineering was transformed to Research and Development Institute"IZOTERM". In the same year by the order of the Ministry of Electronic Industry the Institute "IZOTERM" became the leading enterprise in the sphere of thermal equipment production for electronic industry. Due to it Research and Development Institute "IZOTERM" became the leader in Russian market share of special technological equipment. Since 1993 the Institute is known as Open Joint-Stock Company "Research and Development Institute "IZOTERM".

The present day of IZOTERM

    Open Joint-Stock Company "Research and Development Institute "IZOTERM" has obtained accreditation of Russian Federation Government as the Research Institute, which has some licences to scientific production activity. The Institute has its own scientific, laboratory and manufacturing base.
    The Institute does its best to go hand in hand with latest scientific achievements and offers more and more updated, reliable and efficient processes and equipment for various branches of Russian industry. "IZOTERM" has chosen the priority directions of its activities:
    · the equipment for single crystal semiconducting and other special materials production;
    · electrothermal equipment (conveyor, chamber, shaft, vacuum furnaces) for mechanical engineering, electrotechnology, instrument-making industry, electronics and other sectors of industry;
    · special physicothermal equipment for radio -microelectronics and its spare parts (thermodiffusion systems, high vacuum equipment);
    · the equipment for nuclear power stations including the equipment for hard and liquid radioactive waste disposal;
    · the equipment for railway, fuel and energy complex;
    · medical equipment (the complete set for histological analysis and stomatology, etc.)

    The most significant works which have been fulfilled for the previous years are the following:
    · the development of crystal growth equipment and electrothermal technological equipment for the institutes of Russian Academy of Sciences, enterprises of microelectronics and many other customers;
    · manufacturing of the equipment for radioactive waste disposal;
    · the development and manufacture of filter-container for liquid radioactive waste, which has been successfully certified in the System of Certification of the equipment, products and technologies for nuclear reactors, radiation sources and storage area;
    · the development of new products for railway depot;
    · the delivery to China of electronic vacuum equipment for metal impurities refinement;
    · modernization of the histology equipment for tissue specimen testing.

    IZOTERM provides more than 50% annual increase in the volume of R&D activities. The economic stability and the high quality of products make the Institute to be one of the leading versatile enterprises in Russian market.
    Highly qualified specialists are working in the Institute. Their knowledge and experience are confirmed by the diplomas and certificates, some of the products are protected by the patents of Russian Federation. There are four candidates of sience in the staff of Izoterm. Competitive prices, efficiency in use, environmental safety, the latest achievements of sience and technology, the updated softwares are constituents to be taken into account in the process of new products development and manufacture.
    IZOTERM has its own production workshop, the essential service lines for uninterrupted operation.
From January of 2005 the Institute "IZOTERM" is being located in its own new five-storied building constructed at the expense of internal funds.
    IZOTERM does not stop its work for technological reequipment, extends products range, builds new facilities, develops new processes and solves environmental problems.
    The Quality Management System ISO 9001:2000 functions in the Institute and has been certified according to the system of "Oboronsertifica"(Russian Federation) and DAR-TGA (Germany). Recently the process approach to quality management system has been introduced.
    The Institute "IZOTERM" takes part in the Federal Program "Defense industry restructuring and conversion", innovative project of national significance "The industry development of synthetic crystals-dielectrics and its products", Regional Program of scientific and technical development of Bryansk region industries in 2005-2010.
    Reasonable staff policy contributes to personnel development, professional improvement, upgrading of educational level of employees. Top managers of the Institute got practical training in market management methods in Bryansk State Technical University. For strengthening of relations between manufacture and higher education the branch of "Automatized technological systems" chair has been established on the basis of IZOTERM. The favourable conditions of work have been created to arouse the interest of the talented young specialists.

Our achievements

    Research and Development Institute "IZOTERM" has been rewarded with the diploma of Russian Chamber of Commerce and Industry for its external economic activities.
    The Institute "IZOTERM" obtained the diplomas "The Best 100 Goods of Russia"for the following equipment:
    · Conveyor furnace "Agat-2"(in 2000)
    · Wafer handling system "Oreol-200"(in 2001)
    · Resistance vacuum shaft furnace "Angar"(in 2004)

    The necessity of latest engineering developments introduction is stimulated by needs of customers in conditions of competitions in existing market. Highly qualified specialists from the Institute "IZOTERM" have contributed heavily to the national engineering industry development. Some of the specialists have been rewarded with government orders and medals. In 2004 two specialists became the laureates of the premium by the Russian Federation Government in the sphere of science and technology.

Prospects for IZOTERM development

    In accordance with "The Complex Program of the development of JSC Research and Development Institute "IZOTERM" during 2002-2006" the Institute is guided in its activity first of all by the perspective development of the production and social sphere, raise of products quality, strengthening of its position in the high technology market share and the decision of the following main questions:
    · specialization in promising market niche with well-founded priorities selection;
    · active introduction of products with IZOTERM brand into domestic and foreign market;
    · renewal of capital assets;
    · the development of automatized control systems and computer-aided design;
    · improvement of payment system;
    · improvement of working conditions and social sphere.

    Izoterm is able to focus all its efforts on subsequent development of the promising lines of activity: the equipment for single crystal growing, the equipment for nuclear power stations and railway transport.
    High level of the latest scientific ideas, engineering decisions, progressive techniques, modern materials and automatized control systems used in the manufacturing of the equipment open the new horizons for the products of JSC Research and Development Institute"IZOTERM".
    We go hand by hand with modern requirements and one step before our competitors. Therefore, we know exactly our needs and the ways to achieve our objectives. We face the future with optimism, as we have the needed trained and skilled staff potential.With its help we'll cope with any production challenge.

    We highly appreciate our nowaday partners and associates and will be happy to cooperate with new ones for the sake of prosperity of Russian economy and well-being of Russian people!
Certificate of Conformity of Quality Management System ROSS RU.3791.04OSH1 certifying quality management system requirements of GOST ISO 9001-2011 (ISO 9001: 2008)new
Certificate of Conformity of Quality Management System ROSS RU.3791.04ОШ1 certifying quality management system requirements of GOST ISO 9001-2011 (ISO 9001: 2008)
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